Full Set of Lashes: $130

Two Week Fill: $35

Three Week Fill: $45

Add on Services: 

Lip Plumping Mask: $5

Brow Waxing: $10

Lip Waxing: $10

Paraffin hand dip: $5



Babe Lash is a professional lash serum that is safe to use with Lash Extensions. Available at Winky Lux Lash Studio.

This service provides individual lash extentions on each of your individual natural lashes. This application will last about 2 weeks before needing a fill.
Full Set Of Lashes
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This was my first time getting lash extentions, Crystal did an amazing job and made them look every natural.

I have had my lashes done before, however I was excited to see that Crystal is here in Waunakee and I don't have to drive as far to have them done.

Whitney Grate, Bride

Olivia Heart, Designer

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